Covid 19 – Security measures and facilities for customers


Our job, our passion has always been taking care, every day, of the peace of mind and wellbeing of all our guests. Thus, in this difficult moment for Italy, Europe and the world, we could not exempt ourselves from continuing to do so. At Rosso di Sera, we decided to adopt a series of measures that we believe can facilitate the planning of your next holidays with us with the utmost loyalty, as well as with the usual serenity and light-heartedness.

Following the reopening of the business, we have planned to adopt a series of preventive measures and facilities which are listed below:

  1. all rooms will be sanitized with specific treatments before each new arrival and after each departure;
  2. all common areas (common rooms and breakfast room) will undergo daily sanitisation with specific treatments;
  3. upon arrival, new guests will be welcomed in a pre-sanitized common area;
  4. for the whole of 2020 the double tariff is eliminated; therefore, there will be a single tariff with the following advantages:
    • 10% discount with respect to the Standard fee
    • no deposit required
    • no advance payment
    • full balance of the reservation only on arrival in case of payment by card or cash.
  5. for the months of June 2020 and September 2020 the minimum stay period is reduced to 2 days (instead of 3), for the month of July 2020 to 3 days (instead of 4) and for the month of August 2020 to 4 days (instead of 5);
  6. throughout 2020, cancellation penalties will be reduced from 10 to 7 days;
  7. breakfast will mainly consist of packaged and single-dose foods, with the exception of fresh-made croissants from trusted pastries.

All in all, we remind you that Rosso di Sera, located at a safe distance from areas of potential contagion, endowed with large, open and reserved spaces for very few guests, is an ideal place to enjoy your holiday in the most peaceful way possible during this period of great concern for all.




For General Safety reasons and Prevention of Coronavirus Covid-19, we have implemented various measures to safeguard the health and tranquility of our customers.OUR SECURITY MESSURES
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